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Customer & Supplier

Become a customer or supplier. If contacted, you have met the Basic Requirements, it's time to tell us more about your business, build a relationship and take action.

Customer-Supplier relations qualification unit 

In addition to Basic Requirements, both customer and supplier are analysed by the Head of Legal in charge of the Customer-Supplier Relations Qualification Unit. "Our role is to be as inclusive as possible, without compromising either parties reputation". 

Stage 1

A magic circle legal analyst reviews the deal and grants a Customer-Supplier Vendor ID. The aim is to ensure that supply and demand is met.

Stage 2

Customer-Supplier agree to HH JEEVAN I & CO Contract and Code of Conduct specific to each deal. A mutual understanding that parties will reasonably implement the agreement.

Stage 3

As the agreement is fulfilled. HH JEEVAN I & CO proactively monitors the deal to ensure compliance and corporate governance. 

Stage 4

At Deal Completion, we analyse the deal flow and the ESG impact of the deal. Partners are welcome to rejoin. 

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