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Exclusive Solutions

25,000 SMEs - Our target is to support this many small to medium sized businesses across the world by 2040.


£100B - We aim to trade this amount with large businesses each year by 2050.


1/3 - We invest one third of profits in ESG and diversity and inclusion initiatives each year.

Goverment & Sovereign

Government, as managers of society prefer hybrid partnerships — reputable partners with a history they can relate to. Sovereign entities prefer long-term visions for their territories.


Film & art

Art, in its various forms exudes leadership. Fashion designers, models, movie producers, luxury goods and art are brought to life tirelessly by people with a vision. 



Corporations direct capital and control credit. They prefer risk management and leverage to achieve their goals.



UHNW, masters of commerce and visionaries with practical insight, are open to growing the projects of their junior counterparts through equity.


Defence & security

Security, it underlies all commerce. Security personnel require enhanced solutions to guarantee their safety, to operate efficiently.

Global Presence

Visit us from 170 countries around the world, in the language of your choice.

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